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  • Qualified, professional translator
  • International voice talent, certified for accent and dialect
  • Automated translation, particularly for long blocks of footage
  • A way to marry your audio to video



Multimedia Developers:

TranslateYourVideo is the new and easy way to transcribe and translate your video voice step-by-step. Save up to 90% in multimedia translation cost with this do-it-yourself software to maximize use of your existing resources and cut corners while retaining quality.

Voice Actors:

Voiceover actors expand their clientele globally by voicing the translation of videos in languages that they do not speak or read. Actors who are new to video voice translation can learn the basics.

With TranslateYourVideo you can:

  • Transcribe audio or video in any language
  • Translate scripts, footage, and screen text
  • Set timecodes and edit points online in any language
  • Learn to time your recording to a video in another language
  • Hire qualified professional translators at a click
  • Audition global talents in every country via the web
  • Record voice talents guaranteed for accent and dialect with easy-pay
  • Centralize management of audio files and scripts
  • Adapt scripts for timing and lip sync
  • Direct recording sessions around the globe via the web
  • Learn tips and secrets to increase international success
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Hard to make a mistake
  • Nothing to download, nothing to install
  • Everything you need is here
  • Step-by-step how-to's and learning center
  • Online secure database
  • Free linguistic and technical support!


  • Click! to find a qualified, professional translator in any language
  • Translate using your staff
  • Use your favorite translation vendor
  • Click to audition 1,000 voice talents around the world, guaranteed for accent and dialect
  • Want someone to manage for you? Click here


  • Transcription feature
  • Text length control
  • See translation real-time over video/audio
  • Glossary feature for consistency
  • Features for lip sync adapting
  • Spellcheck for 200+ languages
  • Review and approval cycles
  • Final video verification methodology